**These are some of the many nice words I have received over the years. If you see a book mentioned that you want to search for, type the name into the Search box at the bottom of the page and you will find it.**

“Hello, Cindy. I have Harp in Hand, and I'm now reading it (it's about time), and "yes," I love it.  I've learned so much from your books.  Truly, you are a real blessing.  Thank you for all your work.  The culture I come from has a saying, "God Bless Your Hands."  That definitely applies to you.” Ferris A

“How many harp feast series do you have as I am ordering all of them, I am also interested in harp duets. I will let you you which ones. 

Your arrangements will live forever globally as you deserve special honor as the finest harp arranger and composer in both the 20th and 21st century. Somehow you have that unique zest, spirit and rich harmony in your arrangements that allows our fingers to flow together with our soul. Nobody can provide this magic touch except you.”

 "Thank you, Cindy, for your uncomplicated arrangements of old favorites for piano and violin. My friend and I get together every Thursday evening to make music together. We love your arrangements. They are enchantingly pretty. At the end of each we look at each other with a smile and say "I like that!" Chris,  IL

"You have a real talent for composing music. I can't think of anyone that would ever come near your ability. If you stopped it would be like all music came to an end." David C, NC

"Hi Cindy, the harp book (Imponderable) arrived today. The songs are lovely, lovely, lovely!" Sandy M, MI

"Hi Cindy, I discovered your page about Native American flutes. I. AM.IN.LOVE!!!!! Oh my goodness! Your music is beautiful! Your duets with harp are so pretty! And I love the solos as well! Cindy, you have such a gift! God has certainly blessed you, and I'm so glad I looked on the flute page!" Debbie F

(Regarding ModeUlations and Easy ModeUlations) "Cindy, I love these pieces!! I have a friend who is beginning harp and so I have ordered the "easy" version for her. I play them for patients in my internship hospital setting, and the patients and also the staff love these. The melodies are so haunting, and seem to stay around in my brain for hours after I play them. You were on your A-Game when you wrote these!!! Thanks," JM (MA)

(Regarding the NA flute learning set) "I'm sure they will be as great as your harp instruction books. You tend to every detail and the progression of the exercises for development of fingering techniques is perfect. I just love your harp books. I have many, many of them. Recently completed the Harp In Hand books and am working on (Un) Tangled Fingers. I love these types of exercises. Can't get enough! I think if I really master these techniques, I'll be able to play the solo books much better. Your music is just wonderful." Jean C, FL

"It was lovely to meet, you if only over  the phone. Since your music touches my heart and the hearts of many of my patients, and it is music playing often, it seems to me that we have already met."   Gail F, Canada

"Your idea works wonderfully (talking about "Harp Duets By Yourself") and I had no trouble following the directions.  I thought they were very clear.  Thanks for such a terrific idea."  Charlanne B, NY))

"Cindy, as you know, I ordered three of your instruction books (sight unseen), hoping that they would be substantial enough for my purposes.   I'm not disappointed!  Honestly, this is EXACTLY what I had hoped for - organized, step-by-step, incremental instruction, simple to complex."  Jane M, MA  (about my Harp In Hand set of three books).

"Hello,  I purchased your Interactive Harp and Grow your Skills book and CD a few weeks ago.  My long awaited harp arrived this Wednesday, and I have been having a wonderful time enjoying your books while exploring my harp.  Thank you so much for the great book you have written!  I have two other "beginner/ teach yourself to play harp" type books, but they don't come even close to how detailed and informative and helpful yours are.  Yours blew the others out of the water.  I am so happy I found your website at the right time!"  Maki S, CA

".... thank you for publishing all that great music!  I use at least one weekly (Lap Harp Compendium), and usually more (Feast of Favorites 1 & 2) when I play at the nursing home, and "Gentility" is my go-to book when I need a prelude for church (played on harp, and piano (when I don't feel like hauling the harp in)).  Your music is so lovely -- I always get compliments when I play your pieces.  I will definitely be adding to my collection in the future!"  Catherine B, IL

WinterScape arrived yesterday and I couldn't wait to play from it. I love the arrangement of Carol of the Bells. I had given up hope that there would be an arrangement of this beautiful song that I could play. Your amazing use of just 2 lever settings did it! I am looking forward to diving into the other carols. It is a great book and so wonderful to get it with plenty of time of practice before the winter season."  Maryann K, NY

"I have a room full of harp music and I keep coming back to your arrangements because they sound well on both my 36 string harp and my 26 string harp.  I have not seen video clips of you playing all your different harps.  I would love to see that!  Also  look forward to your next arrangements."  Jane B, TX

"Hi Cindy, We are indeed enjoying Harp Sense and are, once again, blessed by everything that you and Dwight have contributed to Anna's harp-playing experience. From the surely unsurpassed and beautiful harp, to your wonderful teaching and composing skills, we are sure that God has opened up doors for her that might otherwise never have been available to us.

Anna's harp is a precious possession to her, and now we've been able to integrate having your upbeat and encouraging gift of teaching almost over her shoulder through this book.  I have so enjoyed speaking with you over the phone, and observing what a gift you obviously have for teaching--a heart and ability to serve others and encourage them with the knowledge they need to move forward solidly. That can be elusive and difficult to find. We are so thankful that we found you!"  Sincerely, Leslie S

About 24 Folk Songs and Memories and Mood Swings:  "I am REALLY enjoying both books! Played them in three different facilities on this past Thurs and Friday. Clever switching of time signatures on some of the folk songs - even though I have played them a few times now, the change still surprises me and I find myself grinning as I lilt into the new meter. I am enjoying your intros and interludes as well. And I think the bass part you wrote for the beginning of Long, Long Ago is loads of fun. My audiences enjoyed listening not only because of your arrangements, but also because of my pleasure in playing them!

And you continually amaze me with how you much volume you write and still keep it sounding fresh!   I particularly like the Moderately Modal, The Jig is Up, In the Minority and Finding Peace. GREAT JOB!"  Roxanne Z, NY

"Dear Cindy, I just had to give you feedback about Harp Sense.   It was worth waiting for this gem.   I read the whole PDF as soon as I received it.  Like a great book, it was hard to put down.  You clarified so many issues I had.   I am now timing my practices which has helped with my focus.    You totally clarified my levers and the circle of fifths.   Thank you, thank you.  Never stop writing these books/instructions.   I am a super satisfied customer.   I will be ordering more books, etc., from you in the near future."   Alicia J, AZ

WinterScape is a book of clean, clear arrangements of old favorites as well as lesser known carols. Cindy takes carols beyond the “shopping mall” arrangements and gives them her own touch, sometimes tweaking the melody line to give it a more interesting ring. Another winner from Cindy Blevins!" Jeannette D, CA

"Hi Cindy, I agree completely with Olivia's review of your book Harp Sense. (that review is just below) I'm just more than halfway through and have already gotten so much out of it! The explanation of the circle of fifths was especially enlightening. Though I've (barely) studied music theory, had this concept explained to me by several professional musicians, and been a musician myself for many years, I never quite grasped the circle of fifths until Harp Sense came along." Lois H, NH

"Dear Cindy, I've read through Harp Sense already and listened to all the example recordings. Although I've heard and studied this material in many forms before, this book put it together wonderfully in a simple to follow manner. It does make sense. Although I am in the "Beyond" category, I found the book very helpful, and recommend it for those who come to the harp as adults with not a lot of musical background. I'll be practicing the exercises today."   Olivia Diamond (Novelist, Poet & Harper)

"Cindy, I really, really, really, really like all 4 Feast of Favorites collections. If you publish more in this style, I will buy them." Jane B, TX

"....let Cindy know I am finishing up her 60 Melodic Studies book (large lever harp) and I just love it. She has a real gift. Thank you, Cindy, for sharing it with us! I hate "practice" or "technique" books, and my teacher has let me use this instead, and it has been a big blessing to me as an adult student." Maryellen A, MO

"Dear Cindy, I received my Lap Harp Compendium book and Cd's last week....I'm so happy with them. I love listening to the Cd's then playing the melodies on my harp. The tunes are beautiful & fun & mostly easy for me to follow with the music book, such a great collection, arranged and composed by such a talented lady! Thank you Cindy, for a great product, it is really an inspiration to me." Becky J, CO

"Hi Cindy.  I love the harp and find your music very inspirational. Like you, the piano is my first instrument, but thanks largely to you I have come to love the harp too."  Clare S, UK

"Hi Cindy, Just played through the new and improved "Silent Night" (from the book Winter Wonders) and loved it. Brava, Cindy! Beautifully arranged, sounds more difficult than it is to play (love that!) and it's just different enough to be heard as an interesting thematic variation without straying too far from the original melody." Susan P, NH

"I just finished reading through the book (Harp Sense) and it has really wonderful and important information in it. I had never given the concept of en harmonic a thought and I realize that it is an important thing to understand, and the Circle of Fifths list is so much easier to understand than the typical way it is usually shown. I loved the glissando section. Mine always sound too "studied" to me. There is so much in there that I wish I knew when I self-started. There are many theory books out there but often not enough honest information about things that could go amiss and make a new harpist discouraged. The book gives important theory without being just another theory book. Long story short I really like it. " Maryann K, NY.

"This book (Harp Sense) is a BRILLIANT idea! No one has ever done this before-amassed all of this kind of information in one place. I got excited just reading the table of contents! It's very accessible, very "I'm talking to YOU." You managed to get all of the pertinent information across without sounding so esoteric that the average harp player (whoever that is) is not put off. I learned quite a lot just from random reading. I'm very weak in theory and this is a real help. Congratulations, its a winner!" Jeannette D, CA

"Dear Cindy, Your new book (Make Believe) has been ordered for me through my student, just want you to know that I LOVE Corn Lake (she is referencing the piece "Early Morning at Corn Lake"), and have advised my other students to buy your book, the ones that are intermediate players now.  Thank you that your music is playable for lever harpers and pedal, so easy on the pedal harp!  It makes the growing time from advanced beginner to intermediate level one an easier transition with such well written and lovely music!"  Victoria L, CO

"Cindy, I’m so excited about receiving your music. I have a few of your books already, and cannot tell you how much I enjoy them. Your music is not only beautiful to my ears but a thrill from my fingers. I have literally learned my instrument through playing your songs. Thank you so much for sharing God’s gift of music with me." Kathy S, OH

"Cindy, as I was surfing the web, L A T E one night, and actually looking at Blevins Harps; I came across your music arrangements and bio. I related to you immediately, being an adult beginning harper. I just wanted to take a minute to thank you! First for your prompt response that you had received my order and secondly, for taking the initiative in publishing Rhythm Matters. This book was exactly what I needed. I received it yesterday but wasn't able to go through it and hear the CD until today. Already it has made a tremendous difference for me. I look forward to purchasing more of your books and possibly a therapy harp as well. Thank you for all that you do, it is truly appreciated." Donita A, WA

"Hi Cindy, Thank you so much for sending the books/CDs so promptly – they arrived yesterday and I am really pleased with them. Your explanations are so easy to follow and the photos helpful too. I’m looking forward to working through them and have no doubt I’ll be back for more pieces from you in due course."  Clare, in the UK

"Hello - - Thank you for checking!  YES I want two (2) of the Gentility book . . . . one for me and one for a student.  Your music is wonderful...to hear and to play.  Bravo and Thank You."  CG, MA

"My dear Cindy, Unfortunately, I don't have too much time to smarten up all your lovely feast book arrangements.  (Feast of Favorites) Tonight I am concentrating on book 2...just simply marvelous.Your arrangements make my playing sound fantastic!!

Did I miss anything else..I saw some pedal harp arrangement on your website..What have I missed????

Seriously, you should consider arranging famous movie and pop music  like Lara's Theme in Dr. Zivago, Tara's Theme in Gone With The Wind, Imagine from John Lennon etc.  I know there is copyright problem but you may want to work out a deal with Hal Leonard, whose copyright dept may help you  ease into the pop music arrangements !!

You are a musical genius in arrangements !!"

Sincerely,  Mei Li Sim

"Cindy, in the summer when your books arrived I was delighted sampling them by sight reading. Now I will spend a little time brushing up on a few pieces so as to show my Ottawa HARP CIRCLE GROUP HOW TALENTED YOU ARE.  You know you need to break through the "only ******** arrangements," they need to have their repertoire enhanced and enriched through the exposure of your arrangements.   Nobody believes you are a gem over here  so I have got to demonstrate.  The only way is through playing your pieces."  (thank you to one of my Canada music dealers, the Classical Harp Academy)

"Your music is the most enjoyable and player-friendly I've seen in my almost two years of harping.  (Begun at age 78.)  I've also spent hours enjoying your Piano Compendium  You're extremely talented and productive."  Bill P,  OH

"Hi Cindy; I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new book!  (Hands Together!) No wonder you were so excited about it.  I don’t know how you do it.  Those Etudes and Solos are wonderful; I’ve already put post-its on several that I want to put into my gig book.  Thank you SO much; its just wonderful."   Jeannette D, CA

I played through (Harping On The Black Notes) and I LOVE IT.   I really do like Balloon Ride and Insignificance -  I love the tunes because you really pulled it off on the whole folksy spiritual feeling of the melodies.  Great job!"  MJ, CO

"Faith and I are trying to figure out what will be our next order (of harp duets.) Falling to Heaven, Butterfly, Aspen Tree, Gentle Rain and a few others were HUGE hits ....a few more are works in progress (Waters Edge, Blue Heron and Forest Glen)....wow, they are gorgeous!!" Lori M, NY

"Thank you.  Every time you have given me advice it has worked, especially the hints you gave me about chord symbols.  I am grateful that you are so generous with your time and help." Maryanne K, NY

"I just gave a lesson to my favorite harp student.  Were your ears burning?  She was rhapsodizing about how wonderful your book Harp In Hand is, and how much she's learned from working with it."  JD, CA

"I have to tell you your music is entrancing. I can't stop playing Falling to Heaven -truly a heavenly piece. Your music really touches me and I was so thrilled to find Gentility which has all the songs I love and have wanted to play as well as so many more. The collection of pieces you have put together for this book is perfect. "  Lorie M, NY

"I got your CD (WinterScape) yesterday...played it through and know that this will be the one I play for hours when I decorate for Christmas....plus...I've been playing it in the car....and for my sister in law who is visiting from Calif....and my knitting group...."  Denise Y, NC

My duet partner and I practiced on Wed for our upcoming event in March and were like 2 kids waiting for Christmas. We waited till the end to try your duets we had gotten. OMG....hmmmm, where do I start?   We thought Butterfly would be too simplistic but after trying it together we were amazed at how the music went together. Beautiful....very sweet. We loved it.  Falling to Heaven was just like I thought it would be...gorgeous. We'll have to work on that one a bit to get the timing right but its going to be one of our favorites to play.  When we played Gentle Rain I thought both of us might cry. Cindy, it truly is breathtaking and since I knew it (solo version) it gelled very well very quickly. We have something called a "solo Share" at the end of the year (June possibly?) for all of Roxanne's students. Since Faith and I have started playing together Roxanne has allowed us to play 2 duets instead of solos and we both agreed Gentle Rain is the "to die for song" that we need to play. Quiet in Six-Four Time may take a little more work for it to gel but its still very nice.

(About the new series of harp duets) I can't tell you how thrilled we are that you started making duets. (Probably obvious because I've purchased all of them as soon as you make them).  LOL.  Well, we love them and don't stop. We have a pretty diverse repertoire and were hoping to build it more in this direction (with songs that touch ours and everyone else's soul).  This is what we will be focusing on after our event in March. We have 2 in April and we plan on taking some of them live so everyone can enjoy Cindy Blevins's beautiful creations.

There you have it....your groupies are extremely happy!!!!   Thank you from your fans!!!

Lorie M, Rochester, NY

"Your CD (WinterScape) is absolutely heavenly!  I could listen to it all day long.  I love your arrangements, you have a gift."  Mary Jo, CO

"I received the WinterScape recording today and I just love it.  I was stuck in some traffic on my way home this afternoon and my daughter and I were having such a good time listening that the delay was nearly painless!  Thank you for that!  : )  The sheet music is lovely as well."  Susan S, NH

"I am so delighted with the new CD (WinterScape), Wayne has already put it on his
Ipod because he likes it so much too. He'll put it on mine tonight.  Your music is such an addition to our Christmas music, it breathes new  life into carols that we have known since forever. Thanks again for  your wonderful music."  Mary Kate J, FL

"Cindy, I have been playing Amazing Grace from your Easy Favorites Series Vol. 1, Hymns book.  I love it, love it, love it.  This has to be one of the sweetest sounding arrangements of this song I have ever played."  Dixie S, MO

"I am so excited to get the music that you write. You have such a gift with the harp and music! It is so wonderful that you do the hard work involved with that gift and share it with others. Music can reach everyone and yours is straight from heaven. What an angel you are. I feel so blessed that I have passed your path. I love playing my Blevins harp and the music you write is an added plus. Keep up your good work and peace be with you." Donalda, MN

"Hi Cindy, I'm going to keep this one short because I want to go play some more....

One of my most favorite songs ever is Oh, Shenandoah, the melody of that tune really speaks to me.  I just finally started to read through my new Feast of Favorite books and tonight started on Oh, Shenandoah  and I have to tell you that your arrangement is the nicest I have ever heard.   Beautifully and artistically done, just lovely.  Thank you!!  Actually I love all the books, so many wonderfully arranged pieces of music to play I don't know where to start, it's almost overwhelming.  Feast of Favorites 1-4 is going to keep me happily busy for quite some time, better  go practice!!!!"  S. Papinsick

"Yep, I am already working on Christmas music!  Thanks so much for creating easier to play pieces that still sound lovely!"  Janet Y, CA (talking about the Easy Favorites, Vol. 3, Seasonal.

"Hi Cindy,  I am LOVING your "Favorites" series!  I have volumes 1 and 3, and the Flute book.  My flute friend and I are having a blast with them!  I am also planning on using the flute book to give my 12 YO daughter some not-just-melody experience with her violin.  I will be getting 2 and 4 soon."  Denise C

"Thanks so much for writing music that I never tire of playing. By the way, Debra and I played Friday and the harp and clarinet sound absolutely wonderful together, and the arrangements have made beautiful harp music even fuller in so many ways. Thanks again for the clarinet arrangements!"  Mary Kate J, FL

"Hi Cindy, I thought I would email and let you know how much I enjoy Rhythm Matters. I can't wait until graduation, when I have some time to actually practice. In the mean time, I think I enjoy reading your music books as much as any novel!" Nancy H, AZ

"Cindy, I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I have been enjoying your Feast of Favorites 4.  I have been playing Come, Though Fount of Every Blessing and just love the way you have intertwined the melody with little surprises.  Keep up the wonderful work."  Dixie S, MO

"Hi Cindy, I look forward to using the flute book. And I am tremendously overjoyed with the happiness your talents have brought to me." Barbara G, FL

"I got your music books last Friday and I wanted to take some time trying out your music just to see how well it sets on my wire strung harp. Well, it sounds fabulous. Some of your music you can clearly hear and feel the throb of beauty of the soul. I know you will keep on keeping on to the benefit of all of us. I am a very happy camper and I wish to express my gratitude towards your divinely inspired talent. Your music touches into the hushed pause of the unseen to where it can be heard. I am very grateful to have some of your music books and most pleased with what you suggested I order." Greg D, Canada

"My advanced beginners are enjoying working with Harp in Hand and overjoyed that they are learning to do their own brackets and fingering. It’s a good book, and very user friendly because it starts out so simply, and because your explanations are very thorough. I like your “Points to Ponder!" JD in CA

"Hi Cindy, The music arrived earlier this week - thank you for getting it hear almost as fast as an e-book. : ) We had a couple of days off due to some icy weather so I had a chance to really look at your books. I am impressed by your work and look forward to really playing your pieces as my skills develop. I am very happy to have the Harp in Hand book - what a super resource! Your writing is easy to read and your explanations make perfect sense. I believe that your materials will support my teacher's assignments quite nicely." Lynn B, TX

(after ordering Feast of Favorites, Vol. 3 and 4) "Dear Cindy, I LOVE your arrangements!!! I have books 1 and 2 (Feast of Favorites) and they are by far my FAVORITE arrangements. So beautifully done and fun to play! I have been playing the harp for 1 1/2 years now and love it. Thanks for arranging such gorgeous music, PLEASE keep the Feast Of Favorites coming!!!!!! Thanks." Gretchen T, CO

"Cindy, I have a couple of favorite composers that I always look for - Kim Robertson and Chuck Bird and Susan Peters (duo). I have just added you to that list! I started writing down all of the compositions I wanted to get your sheet music for and soon realized I want it all! You compositions speak to me somewhere deep in my soul as this is what the harp was made for. Thanks for sharing." Jeri S, CT

"Cindy, thank you for composing such beautiful, playable harp music. It is just the music I've been looking for - so peaceful and shows off the sound of the harp perfectly." Diane R, TN

"Your lessons have really helped me, I would like to do more in the future. Also, the Harp in Hand book has helped with a lot of different things." Dawn W, NM

"I'm really having fun with your Feast of Favorites 3- it's just a blast to play those Stephen Foster pieces." MJ, CO

"Dear Cindy, Thanks so much for your generosity and graciousness....I look forward to getting to know your music. Right now I am working on Dragonfly and it is perfect - easy but it sounds complex. I will do my best to spread the word about your music and your incredible service." Janet

"Firstly, I want you to know how much I am enjoying playing your compositions from the Feast of Favorites books I and II. You obviously put a tremendous amount of work into the arrangements. I would be hard pressed to tell you which arrangement is my favorite as they are all so nice to play." Lauren

"I purchased your wonderful book Interactive Harp a few months ago which I have been working through with great joy. Thank you for writing such a wonderful instruction manual!" Kerri Anne M, the UK

(Feast of Favorites, Vol. 3) "I just love playing the Stephen Foster tunes- they are wonderful! The best arrangements I have played on the harp." Mary Jo, CO

"Hi there Cindy - Thanks for letting us know about (Feast of Favorites) Volume 3. I'll go ahead and order it and will look forward to receiving it when it's ready. Naturally, I've poured over Vol 1 and 2 and am having fun with them. Shucks - you're just really wonderful! I think that I've mentioned this before, but not in quite the same words I'm going to use now. You have a very unique gift for creating music at a level that seems understandable to a beginner, sounds musically complex, and is pleasant for the student to listen to as we learn - causing us to practice more (which we all need) and thereby, improve. How do you do it?" NH, Arizona

"I purchased 2 of your fake books and needed to write and tell you how much I am enjoying them. Your music was too difficult for me before but now I play from these 2 wonderful books every day. The result is that my playing is rapidly developing along with many skills. You present so many playing choices that I try something new every day so my sight reading to really improving. My deepest gratitude for these gifts." Maryanne K

"I have so enjoyed playing your music..a very good friend of mine plays the flute in our celtic band...I showed her your lap harp compilation (Lap Harp Compendium) and we played through almost the entire book. Her son plays the cello, so I thought this series (Ensembles for harp/flute/cello) would be a great! Thanks." Denise Y, NC
"I am really enjoying Harp In Hand. What a lot of work that must have been! It's so helpful - and the exercises sound good, too!" Leigh, Oregon

"I’ve been playing “Carolan’s Dream” from (Feast of Favorites, Vol. 2.) It’s the first time I’ve actually liked that tune, and now I love it!" Jeannette D, CA

"Today I took Harp In Hand with me to teach a student....she and I worked through some of the placement exercises in Lesson 9 and 10 as that is where she gets confused the most. I can tell you she was delighted with the exercise and seemed to really "get it." It was very, very helpful. She bought the book from me on the spot - hence me buying another one." Peggy B, GA

"I eagerly look forward to receiving the Feast of Favorites books 1 and 2. I want you to know how much I enjoy your music. The compositions in Gentility and Waltz in the Wood books are delightful. "Pedal Harp Compendium" is also full of lovely pieces which I like to play on the piano as well as on the harp. It is always a pleasure to play your beautiful music." Lauren G, Canada

(About Harp In Hand) "Your wonderful book came today. What a gift for beginning students to learn the basics! I'm going to tout it with the beginning class (and even the intermediate class for that matter.) Then I can assign them a lesson each week, or every two weeks if its one that is more time consuming, and we can have Q and A in class the following week. Its really a great teaching tool." Jeannette D, harp teacher, CA

"It arrived today, (Harp In Hand) looks really nicely done, and I am delighted. Thanks for putting together this important book, Cindy....I greatly appreciate it!" Peggy R, NC

"I received the wonderful music books yesterday (Feast of Favorites, Vol. 1 and 2) and have been playing through all my favorite pieces. These books are wonderful! I am having the time of my life. I love, love, love O Mio Babbino Caro, Barbara Allen, Santa Lucia - all the Christmas pieces - well, just ALL of them. Thank you so much for the gift of your music." Jeannette D, CA

"I want to put in writing my thoughts on your Feast of Favorites books. Your arrangements are beautifully unique and a joy to play. My family and friends who have heard them agree with me that you have taken very well-known melodies and given them a new twist which takes them out of the ordinary to a new place that is heavenly and a true joy to the ear and the soul. Thanks for such delightful music." Mary Kate J, Florida

(On Feast of Favorites) "Hi Cindy, Well, you've done it again. I LOVE these books! I am so glad you decided to try arranging, as you do a great job. I'm especially glad that you included Christmas arrangements in both books - I'm always looking for that. Thanks for sharing your talents. Please let me know when book #3....and #4.....and #5...etc. are ready, as I'll be one of your best customers." Karma T, MI

(On Feast of Favorites, Vol. 2) "All I can say is bless you Cindy for the beautiful arrangements. I'm know a lot of thought and hard work goes in to the arrangements but they just appear to flow from you to us. Thanks again for not the arrangements but also for the quick delivery. When will Vol 3 be available?" Loretta M, GA

"I LOVE Vol. 1! (Feast of Favorites) I went through the whole book just tasting each song. You really have a gift for arranging, Cindy. I really appreciate you taking the time to translate what you hear in your head and putting it on paper to share." Candy M

(About Feast of Favorites, Vol. 1) "I sight-read Amazing Grace last night....and was totally impressed with the arrangement - true to the original, but with interesting and unexpected touches that made it so much fun to play." Leigh, OR

(About Feast of Favorites, Vol. 1) "Hi Cindy, I wanted to let you know that I really like your new book Feast of Favorites. It is a book that I will always have with me when I play at the bedside....I hope you have Vol. 2 in the works! What I like about it is that it has a little bit of everything. I sometimes get requests for Christmas music outside of the Christmas season. Even though I have some of these songs in other books, I love your arrangements, you add little touches here and there that are very pleasing to the ears. Thanks again for your great book!" Dawn W

"I received the books yesterday.....I especially love your Perceptions book (in the "modes" area).  I am going through the Interactive Harp - you have some great tips, and the photos are a big help. What is especially helpful is your photos of the way NOT to do something." Linda D, NM

"Hi Cindy. Our class met yesterday...first meeting of the new year. I offered them some options as to what they would like to concentrate on in the coming months...Celtic, Renaissance, Pop tunes, Carolan, classical, Cindy Blevins, etc....Well, you guessed it! They all unanimously wanted to concentrate on learning more of your music!....I also thought you would like to know that when we play it in the hospital, people just swoon! Something about it really touches the heart. Please know that you are a big part of our harp circle, and you have contributed so much to everyone's enjoyment in playing the harp." Jeannette D, CA

"The Bourree arrived brilliantly packaged this morning, safe and sound.....What a beautiful presence she is in the house, so luminous, with an exquisite cherry wood grain. Her sweet mellow tone fills all the rooms with warmth. I also opened Cindy's Interactive Harp book immediately. The lessons are so clear and easy to follow that I already feel as though I'm a harpist!" Karen L

"Oh goodie -- I was hoping the monthly songs would become available in book form (Imponderable and Hourglass.) Send me both of those as well as Perceptions.) And I think I should get both of the fake books because I often improvise on your tunes after I have played them as composed. That way I can carry more of you around with me in the same amount of space! You have such a good track record with the quality of the product you produce that I always have confidence ordering. Some arrangers out there should definitely not be publishing and over the years I have wasted so much money purchasing and then waste more time trying to turn their lemons into lemonade. I eventually end up tossing the wretched pages. But when your books arrive I just sit down, play and enjoy!" (wishes to remain anonymous in NY)

"Dear Cindy, Our harp class was so touched by your thoughtfulness in writing a special composition for us. It is beautiful and we are in awe that you would do something so delightful....the Healing Harps program is very special and several patients and nurses and hospital personnel have started studying the harp because of the program. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and will play the music for ourselves and patients alike. Two of us from the class are harpists with the hospital and already I have played a good deal of your music because it is so soothing and as far as I'm concerned...just what a doctor would order." Marji V, CA

"It (the song Desert Breeze) is beautiful, perfect and much-loved already! What an awesome surprise for all of us! ....(some of us in our group (Healing Harps) have advised (the director) that we're having difficulty getting our practice in because each of us only wants to play "Blevins" music now." Betsy, CA

"Hi Cindy. The music books (Imponderable and Hourglass) arrived yesterday: what a treasure trove! I have played through almost all of them and there is just so much interesting content that I can't even describe it! It makes me happy just to play it. You are so prolific. At any rate, thank you a thousand times for the gift of your music; it has enriched my life enormously, and has breathed new life into my harp playing." Jeannette D, CA

"Cindy: I want to thank you so much for the beautiful piece you wrote for the Healing Harps. What a wonderful thing for you to do. I think all of your music is so beautiful and so quiet, relaxing and healing. We all appreciate your gesture so much. Thank you again." Pat S, CA

Here are some fun to read testimonials about the pieces in my book Perceptions. These testimonials were written by Edie Elkan, Director of Bedside Harp, who asked me to write this book of modal and exotic pieces.

"Two in the Mornin'....Cindy, this is like a tone poem....it grabbed me on a musical visual level that I haven't experienced except in some rare orchestra pieces!

The Tide: Well here again, the visual image came through. The music is just wonderful - most especially the Am#7 chord ending. How cool is that????

Rain Drops... I had to look out the window to be convinced that it was not raining!! Love this Mixolydian piece - your ability to render melodies and harmonies in these enchanting scales reminds me of Michaelangelo who worked to "free" his pieces from the block of marble they were hidden in.

Perceptions just tore me up - it's perfectly gorgeous!!! And it truly brought tears to my eyes.

Walking In Circles - WOW! This is just wonderful - love the little rhythmic device....I have to tell you - what you do with the triad is just....amazing!!!

Over Easy - perfect - just a perfect Dorian piece.....

Osodorian - LOVE this piece

Mixin’ it Up: Great!!!

Dilemma is just lovely - I LOVE the switch back and forth and back and forth from 4/4 to 5/4 to 4/4...

Pheelin' Phrigian - I love this one...

Koala Dreams - Wow - I LOVE this one!

Lullaby - almost fell asleep playing it - who would have thought that Phrygian could be so soothing and loving?

"I am a student of Jeannette DeBonne and through her have fallen in love with your music. I play for Hospice patients through the Visiting Nurse Association of Palm Desert and at Eisenhower Hospital in Same Day Surgery and the Special Procedures Unit. I can 't wait to play your music for these patients, because I have absolutely no doubt that it will be the most soothing that I can play for them. I thought I had the most complete repertoire of calming music possible until I heard your compositions. Now your music will be my focus. I almost fall asleep myself playing your music!!!!!" Marji V, CA

"I received the music today..all in good condition. Its like Christmas in August! Thank you so much, I've found about a dozen pieces to add to my repertoire, and more to come! I look forward to the next Song of the Month and any other music in the works. Thank you for the peaceful, wonderful music." Jeannette D., CA

"Hello Cindy,....Again, thank you for your beautiful music. I forgot to mention that I am director of a harp program in a large hospital, and give classes to cancer patients as a way of healing. We also play in various areas of the hospital, both bedside and in pre-op and so on. I thought you would like to know where your music is being played. It is just perfect for a healing environment." Jeannette D, CA