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*All music samples on this site have been made into jpgs. Your pdf files (or print books) will look nicer than jpgs generally do.

**I have over 5,000 music items (eBooks and single downloads) in all of my various instrument combinations, on Sheet Music Plus. My SMP music will be available on this site as soon as I can get it all listed.

There are some titles I am not allowed to sell on this site, for reasons of copyright. When this is the case, there is a notice on the page, and links to those items on Sheet Music Plus.

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***Downloads on this site are only available for 24 hours AFTER you download something the first time. This is a security feature of this website and I can’t change it. However, I will have a record of your purchases in case you lose your downloads. Please SAVE your files, back them up, for your own convenience.