The Last Trump and the Seven Lamps of Flame


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This book is a follow-up book to The Music of the Appointed Times.


The history of Israel and Judah, from the Exodus to Revelation, tells a story that flows around the artistry of the wilderness sanctuary and the temple periods. The times of Exodus, the Tent of David, Solomon’s temple, the temple of the Great Council of Ezra and the New Testament age have come and gone. But the last physical temple and the epic events it will bring are yet to come. Signaling the era of that future temple in Jerusalem, the Trumpet Clouds gather on the horizon. Only 14 of these rare patterns, formed at the seventh lunar month, have occurred since the Garden of Eden, and the last one now hovers over the present age.

Within the geometric harmonies of time, prophecy, music and the lyrics of Psalm are found an incredible artwork of symmetry. Simple as the strum of the strings of a harp, or the warm glow of the seven lamps of the Sanctuary Lampstand, within these patterns lies the momentum and energy now exploding upon the landscape of our modern world.

From ancient times, men have pondered the mysteries and timing of the eclipse cycles of the sun and moon. Some believe the ominous moons, glowing with the color of red umber, are a manifestation of the signs written of in Genesis 1:14.

Lunar and solar eclipse cycles occur thousands of times more frequently than the rare, double-image 10-year Trumpet Clouds that are now present. Whether any of these phenomena are heavenly signs from God remains to be seen. Nevertheless, one thing is certain – we live in times unlike any experienced since the birth of the United States, and at this very juncture of history the mysterious Clouds of Tishri have appeared.

In the chapters to follow, from the word of God and the annals of ancient times, we shall unveil mysteries of the past, and explore the marvels now beginning to unfold on the front page of our turbulent age.

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