Donald John Trump and the Weeks of the Temple

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(Upon Sheminith)

From Genesis to Revelation few subjects of the Bible have exceeded the curiosity which surrounds the events of Daniel’s prophecy of the Seventy Weeks.

Beneath the thick covering of history’s veil are the incredible details of a predetermined and calculated paradigm. Within are many riddles of prophecy to be sorted out – to open the understanding of events past and present, as we move forward to the prophetic years yet to come.

“Upon Sheminith” the Psalmist proclaimed – by the 7 + 1 strings of the 8/1 repeating octaves, which David struck by the meter of eights. Hidden away, beneath this amazing acrostic, God has ordered the prophecy of the Seventy Weeks, precisely in the fashion of “Sheminith,” which signifies the coming of Messiah.

Sealed within the prophecy is a template image. From the Mount that burned with smoke and fire (Sinai), to the birth and ministry of Jesus Christ. From Horeb to the tongues of fire that came in 30 AD, “Sheminith” is a metaphor of the count to Pentecost, the first resurrection, and the seventh Trump of Revelation’s seventh seal.

The sevens of the seventy weeks of Daniel 9:24 are marked and driven by events. They are chapters in this story of Pentecost, meted out in unequal, divided segments, spanning thousands of years. Yet, from beginning to end, never missing a beat, the pattern symmetry of the 8/1 Sheminith count of Gabriel’s words was composed and orchestrated in a way that will surely stun you!

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