Mood Swings

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Mood Swings is a 30-page book containing 14 original harp solos (13 two-pagers and one four-pager). The solos hover around the intermediate level. The keys are up to one flat and two sharps. There is no levering during the pieces. 

Although not written as duets, you can play the regular version with the lap harp version of any of these pieces, as they are in the same keys. Just the ranges differ to accommodate the different-size harps.

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The songs: A Good Day, Anxiety, Conversation With Myself, Dark Days, Down, Not Out, Finding Peace, Gone Fishin’, In The Minority, Lost Causes, Moderately Modal, Mood Swings, Rose of Sharon, The House Where Love Lives and The Jig Is Up.

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This music was recorded using my Blevins harp.