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This book was written to supplement my other harp learning materials. If you have used Interactive Harp, Harp In Hand, The Harp In Hand Companion, (Un)Tangled Fingers, Rhythm Matters, the Melodic Studies, or even if you haven’t! You need C below middle C and 24-26 strings. No levers needed.

The first section of the book contains 20 all new one-page melodic studies, from easy to approximately early intermediate level. The studies have lots of fingerings and brackets to help you establish good habits for placing and fingering. Each melodic study has a paragraph or more of tutorial text which goes along with it.

The solos section contains 20 all new harp solos. There are 10 one-page and 10 two-page solos, also ranging from easy to approximately early intermediate level.

The CD and mp3 set for this book is available. The tracks were recorded using my Blevins harp.

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This is a song from the book. It was recorded using my Blevins harp.