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“Interactive Harp” is the culmination of many years of learning to play the harp as an adult, writing more volumes of harp music than I can count, doing thousands of hours of practice exercises, and years of teaching, watching my students, analyzing what I said and what I did, and watching the natural order of a student’s progress, over and over again. It has been used by harp players and harp teachers across the world since 2006. This is a new (2017), edited and updated version.

Why is it called “Interactive?” With this eBook you get 43 photographs, and nearly 130 exercises, examples and music pieces. You can email me with questions and not be alone in your harp learning experience. The book is 140 pages long. You can also purchase the 89 matching (optional) recordings in a zipped file. The mp3s are numbered to match the track references in the book, so you will have no trouble figuring out which tracks and exercises/music pieces go together.

There used to be a companion book called “Grow Your Skills.” That book has been assimilated into this updated version of Interactive Harp, to make the user experience less complicated and even more fun.

With “Interactive Harp,” you will start from the very beginning, with posture and hand positions, and take a logical journey through music and harp playing. All of the music in this book set is my own, from the exercises to your first “real” harp pieces, to music for almost any occasion.

You will develop the skills necessary to branch out to whatever repertoire is right for you. I hope you find this system of learning enjoyable and helpful.

Some Comments:

“I’ve carefully played through each exercise in Interactive Harp. The instructions are so clear and easy to follow that I’m already playing for a small audience of a few friends. Grow Your Skills companion book is wonderful as well, and I’m constantly delighted by the elegant melodies. It’s so easy to pop in the CDs while washing the dishes or cleaning up the kitchen; I hum along with the harp melodies while listening carefully to your tips and instructions.” Karen L

“Cindy, thank you for your ongoing encouragement – I think you should take a huge credit for my initial skill acquisition, as I wouldn’t have obtained it so without your Interactive Harp and the well-written instructions/well-placed illustrations contained in it.” David M, MA

“I just want to say that I’m really enjoying Interactive Harp and Grow Your Skills. They really progress nicely in how they add the next challenges on, and your conversational tone throughout is really enjoyable! They’ve been great, also, as right now lessons are on hold and I’ve had to minimize practicing until a health problem gets fixed, so it’s been nice to have something structured to keep my hand in it. I’m looking forward to your other books after I’ve completed these.” Janice F, MA

“As an adult learner, I was concerned that I would not be able to learn to play the harp because I had never read, yet alone played, a note of music in my life! Using Interactive Harp and CD has made learning such a pleasant experience. Cindy is calm and relaxed, which helps me relax. Her patience is unending when I stumble through difficult exercises, and her joy is as authentic as mine when I finally get it right! I find Interactive Harp and Grow Your Skills fun and methodical in learning.” Peggy M, MI

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