Harping on the Black Notes

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This book contains 10 two-page harp solos, with melodies which were all written on the “black notes” (black keys) of the piano. I wrote the melodies in the key of F#, then transposed them to more harp-friendly keys. The left hand parts do not stick just with the “black notes.” 

There are pieces in C, F, G and D. They are all lap-harp friendly (by accident) so the book can be found both in lap and larger harp sections. There are chord symbols so that those playing larger harps (or those who just like to have the chords) can expand upon the arrangements as they so choose.

There are no lever changes within the pieces. They hover around the intermediate level, with some a bit easier.

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The songs: Almost Spring, Balloon Ride, Birdies in the Bushes, Black Notes Two-Step, Cat On A Ledge, Insignificance, Leap Frog, Robin in Spring, Sky Puffs and Waltzing On the Black Notes.

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This song was recorded using my Blevins harp.