This section of my recordings contains three albums with their singles (sold separately).

This website is filled with other recordings, but they are “book CDs” and mp3 downloads. They are listed with their companion books. The three CDs described below are “stand alone,” they were not done to match any of my books.

Falling to Heaven:

I put together the Falling To Heaven album using “real” harp, which I recorded in studio, and then added the orchestra in my own studio. The album is available as a CD and as a download set of mp3 recordings. The singles are also available.

Out of the Blue:

The Out of the Blue album was written and recorded in 1990. Back then I was all about synthesizers. The technology is so old now! But back then it was state-of-the-art.

Out of the Blue is available as a download set of mp3 recordings and as singles.


The WinterScape collection was made for fun. I love harp and I still love synthesizers. This collection is arrangements and originals for the holiday season. Available as a download set of mp3s and as singles.