Melodic Meditations 3

Melodic Meditations III, Book with Audio CD


Music samples have been made into jpgs. The music will look perfectly normal in your book.

This is the book with companion CD. The CD was recorded using my Blevins harp.

This book contains 10 two-page solos for lever or pedal harp. These pieces are all in keys of one to three flats. There are no lever changes within any of the pieces.

Click “Additional Info” for a sound sample and a video.

Please note: for those who don’t enjoy playing in flat keys, I have done a version of this book dispensing with the flat keys. You will find it listed along with this book. The “no flats” version is not available as sheet music.

The songs in this book are: Aftermath, Ambiance, Awaken, Breathless, Cloudy, Contemplation, Dawning, Refuge, Ripples and Sky Blue.

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Listen to a sample of Sky Blue and watch the video to hear Ripples.