This page is dedicated to my own flute collection. Scroll down to see my flutes, read their descriptions, and hear a clip of Oh, Shenandoah played on each flute. Each of my flutes is in a different key and a different size, and each has its own tonal characteristics.

My flutes were made by Ed Hrebec of Spirit of the Woods Flutes. He is not only an awesome flute maker with a very interesting bio but a really lovely person. If you would like to know more about his Native American-style flutes, he will welcome your calls or emails. If you find the instrument calling out to you (I know it happens, because it happened to me), feel free to contact me to get my perspective. By the way, I am not any sort of paid spokesman and I do not represent Spirit of the Woods Flutes in any capacity. I just love them and will gladly gush about them to you! Or if you would rather, you can go right to the source!

Below is my high D flute. It is 15.5" inches long, and one-and-a-half steps higher than my high B flute. It is made of koa wood. The trim is ancient walnut tusk (used legally, by the way), ground up and mixed with..something...there is a hummingbird inlay of the walnut tusk as well.


Below is my high B flute. It is 18" long. It is just one whole note higher than my mid-A flute. It is made of koa wood, with bands of paua shell. The heron inlay is made of Mt. St. Helens ash. The low note of this flute is B above middle C. Due to the nature of the six-hole Native American flute range, the next note is D (skipping C and C#).  Click to view a video that features America the Beautiful in a duet with harp and this flute.

High B Flute

Below is my mid-A flute. It is made of figured Claro Walnut wood, and trimmed in turquoise. Interestingly, this flute was made from the same piece of wood from which came two flutes for the actor Tommy Lee Jones. The low note of this flute is the A in the middle of the treble staff (the A above middle C). This flute is 20" long.


Below is my mid-E flute. It is made of Pommele Sapele wood. It is about 25" long. It has mother of pearl bands, walnut finger plugs (the trim around the finger holes) and a mother of pearl Kokopelli figure. The low note is E above middle C. Click to watch a video featuring Silent Night on this flute with harp. Click to watch a video featuring "Winter Woods," a solo from my Native American flute book 20/20/20.


Below is my low-A side-blown flute. It is an octave lower than my mid-A flute. The picture does not do it justice. It is about 30" long, and very light weight. It is of beautiful limba wood with black onyx and burn rings. There is a black onyx horse head inlay.