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The Harp In Hand Companion


Music samples have been made into jpgs. The music will look perfectly normal in your book.

You can use this book in conjunction with Harp In Hand, or as a stand-alone book of exercises and harp pieces designed to further your study of, and increase your level of comfort with, harp fingerings. The goal of these books is to give you enough understanding and practice of fingering concepts that you can confidently analyze, decide upon and write in your own fingerings and brackets whenever you have a tricky passage.

The Harp In Hand Companion is 60 pages of music, plus a couple of pages of text. It loosely follows the order of the material in Harp In Hand. There are 10 one-page exercises and solos in each of four categories: intervals, placing, scales and triads/chords/inversions. There is a 20-page repertoire section at the end, which includes nine harp solos designed to give you extra practice and confidence in your playing skills.

This book can be used along with “Harp In Hand,” the other companion book “(Un)Tangled Fingers” or used on its own.

Please note, your book may have my old name (with Kleinstuber in it). It is the same book, the same music, the same me.

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