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Harp In Hand


I frequently receive emails asking for help with fingerings. It has always been my opinion that anyone is capable of figuring out their harp fingerings if they are taught the basic concepts. Hence this book. It includes 140 pages of text, exercises, examples and step-by-step instructions. There are chapters on placing, crossing, playing scales, triads, even on accompaniment styles for your left hand. The last chapter is “practical applications” of these concepts, using 15 of my own harp solos from my various books, explaining them, fingering them, showing how to apply all of the concepts from the previous chapters.

Harp In Hand is a wonderful addition to my Interactive Harp book, and is very valuable on its own. If you have ever wanted to make sense out of harp fingerings, and understand how, why and when we “place and cross,” this book was written for you.

Harp In Hand has two optional companion books. They can also be stand-alone books. They are “The Harp In Hand Companion” and “(Un)Tangled Fingers.”

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