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Hands Together! for lever or pedal harp


Music samples have been made into jpgs. The music will look perfectly normal in your book.

This book is for beginner through intermediate, and anyone else who wants to brush up on fingering skills and sight reading. 80 pages of music and skill-building!

Why another book of exercises and practice pieces? Because I really enjoy playing them AND writing them. When I was learning to play harp years ago, I couldn’t HAVE enough music to play. I loved and still enjoy exercises, drills and sight reading new music.

This book takes the practice of learning a harp piece “one hand at a time” literally. Each of the 20 etudes in the book has a companion page where the parts are broken down, one for right hand, one for left hand. These pages including fingerings and brackets, which will aid you in learning the parts, and help to develop good placing and fingering habits. Breaking it down “by the hand” means you can concentrate fully on the issues presented, without worrying about putting it all together.

The second half of the book is 20 solos. These solos are designed to work with the like-numbered etudes. Lots of sight reading practice!

The book also includes several pages of text with examples, to help you discover how best to use the book. 87 pages total.

The sample pages are of #13. Both single-hand parts, the etude and the corresponding solo.

If you have C below middle C and about 24 strings or larger, you can use this book.

Please note, your book may have my old name (with Kleinstuber in it). It is the same book, the same music, the same me.


“Hi Cindy, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new book! No wonder you were excited about it. I don’t know how you do it. Those etudes and solos are wonderful. I have already put post-its on several that I want to put into my gig book. Thank you SO much, it is just wonderful.” Jeannette D, CA

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